We are extremely proud of both our success, and our determination to be completely ethical.

We are happy to provide free advice, and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot have a go yourself. By following a few basic rules, and following carefully the steps outlined, you could have success without resorting to an SEO company

Who needs SEO ?

Not if there is no competition for your chosen search term. We have several terms at No.1 in Google against over 100 million other web pages.

In the old days, a webmaster could use firstly what was referred to as on-page optimisation, and also secondly several coding tricks, to get a website high in the search engine rankings. We had a mass of test sites using the first that achieved No.1 in the SERPS.

However, on March 13th. 2003, they all disappeared over a 24 hour period. Finally the engineers at Google have taken a major step in defeating what they called optimizers, webmasters who were intent on challenging natural selection of pages by the G algo.

The word is short for algorithm, meaning a mathematical calculation, which in the world of G was created by the genius youngsters at Stanford, that became the basis of the Google search. The computer scientists change the math formulae daily according to Matt Cutts.

The problem for the owner of a site on the web, and who cannot code, is that a webmaster is needed. While the idea of putting a page from a brochure on the screen of a computer, via the internet, seems simple enough, the difficulty that programmers have is that they are highly intelligent, creative, and innovative creatures who find it extremely hard to follow such an instruction, without also using the knowledge they have previously gained. Matt Cutts, an engineer at G, is unbelievably helpful in making public its attitude to devious practices. Search engine optimisation no longer needs the services of a webmaster, just someone who can follow the G guidelines. We would claim to be somewhat successful, and not one of us can create a web page, nor write a single line of code, yet we do have a No.1 against competition of over 500 million. If you feel that there is a possibility that your web business might benefit from achieving a high ranking on internet search engines, then we hope the information and free SEO advice provided here on our website might help you. If not, by all means contact us for internet and directory submissions.